Strategic objectives

The four strategic objectives maintained by Afrox are:

Maintain and grow profitability and operating performance

Remain profitable and continue to deliver efficiencies by focusing on ROCE, EBITDA and free cash flow.

Ensure sustainable growth while enhancing competitiveness

Enhance operational effectiveness to maintain competitive edge. Consumer-led growth opportunities (food and beverage, hospitality and healthcare) and maintain stable supply of LPG in all markets.

Embed advanced performance in areas of safety, health, environment and quality

Further advance our safety culture to the point where it is fully integrated into every aspect of the way we do business and is reflected in reduced major incidents reported (MIRs). Maintain and improve quality while mitigating our environmental impacts.

Build a performance culture

Develop our leaders and empower our employees in a way that promotes behaviour that results in excellent performance, adding customer value and providing business profitability.

These strategic objectives ensured that the business has improved profitability and stability after the restructure programme and is in a position to maintain performance in the presence of significant economic headwinds. The long-term sustainability of our business was considered at length in developing this strategy, in addition to external environment factors which are outlined in the Chairperson’s review. Refer to risk management for details on our top five risks and material matters for our material matters. The strategy considers all material matters in our value creation process.

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