Code of Ethics

The Linde Code of Ethics is designed to build and enhance the ethical integrity of all its employees and directors. In that regard, the Code of Ethics supports the Linde corporate vision, values and principles.

The Board is responsible for the ethical governance of the Company and leads with the assistance of the executive team in ensuring sound governance. This philosophy of leadership-led excellence permeates the entire company and is reflected in the Linde Group Code of Ethics to which Afrox subscribes.

Our Ethics and Compliance Committee, a Board sub-committee, provides additional oversight by monitoring and managing ethics-related matters in the organisation. This committee receives valuable input from a diverse range of Afrox personnel including finance, internal audit, HR, forensics and legal.

What does the Code outline?

The Code sets clear behavioural and ethical expectations with regards to our customers, suppliers, operating markets, shareholders, employees, communities and society. A zero-tolerance approach is taken to deviations from this Code and it is a requirement that each employee learns and complies with the standards and laws that apply to their job. The Code sets minimum standards of behaviour expected within the Company and prescribes that local laws, policies and legislations are adhered to, relative to country of operation. All ethical non-conformances and breaches are reported to the Audit and SET committees for remedial action.

The detailed document sets out:

Principles of honest communication, fair treatment and equal opportunities are entwined into the Code and support a fundamental respect for human rights.

To support a consistent ethical culture, training and guidance is offered for the additional policies in place to strengthen the governance environment, namely anti-corruption, business partner compliance guidance and our competition policy.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We apply the Linde Group’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers which details requirements for legal compliance, health and safety, human rights, labour laws and standards, integrity, environmental protection and supply chain matters to which we hold our suppliers accountable. Of the suppliers that make up the top 80% of our procurement, 37.2% have confirmed agreement to this code. Conflict of interests between employees, affiliates and suppliers is detected through a specialised function in our procurement systems. Refer here for more information.

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